What Happened Game: Dev Diary (Story)

Creative Director of What Happened reveals a true story behind the game.

The team behind What Happened. The game will be out by the 30th of July.

What Happened allows you to take the role of a teenage boy in a horrific drug-addled life, struggling through the nightmarish labyrinths of his broken mind. Katnappe, the international publisher of the game, along with Sourena Games, worked hand in hand to bring you this game.

What Happened is currently limited to PC and the Steam platform. By the end of 2020, we expect to see What Happened on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Those interested in the game can add this to their steam wishlist via the link below.

What Happened on steam

What Happened is a unique and gripping first person exploration of the realities of anxiety, depression and suicide from the perspective of American high school student, Stiles.

Available: July 2020Add to Wishlist on Steam

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