Merry Christmas. Come, let us darken your mood a little.

Merry is a generous word. How lucky are you to feel a tiny drop of merriment in a world full of darkness and suffering?


What if you spent every hour of every day, consciously making a hell out of every tragedy of life? What hope is there left for you?


In a time of gathering, comfort and cozy fireplaces, let’s think about those who are too paralyzed to drag themselves out of the abyss. In a time when we are all reminded of everything we have to lose, let’s think about those who have nothing to live for.


The snow falling, the glittering lights, the Christmas spirit around your neighborhood… All could make the best memories for someone, while the same could mean only the pain of loneliness to a poor soul.


Make use of every moment you have, every second of your precious time, because you are lucky to have a Christmas with your loved ones, while so many others do not.


May your fires burn warm and your homes shelter you from the snow.


Merry Christmas.

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