Dev Diary #4: Ben Nilinton

You might be the man every girl swoons over. You might be tall, dark, athletic. You might be the captain of the baseball team and a leader of men. You might be the most popular child, shining like a golden sun above the rest of them. The Alpha of the pack, the biggest protector of the tribe, blessed by mother nature and driven into a life of heroism and adventure.

But for the rest of us, that man is the object of both admiration and envy. That man is Ben. He is the good-hearted champion, venerated by all, envied by his rivals. That man, is a good friend to have.

To have a friend, to have a shield brother by your side when the worst come, that is one of life’s greatest luxuries. A good friend can turn your life around, help you in the toughest of situations and accompany you on your greatest adventures. A good friend is the prime amplification of your life.

Many share every secret with their shield brothers. Many look to them as the last refuge between them and the abyss of chaos. Now what could possibly go wrong, if you feel like you are falling, and look to your friend, and find out he’s one of the people who was pushing you down the darkness.

What happens when the most trusted of brothers betrays you when you are vulnerable the most. What happens in the absolute worst scenario?

Well, there’s little saving you then.

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