About the game

Post has published by Sourena

Our society is riddled with depression, anxiety, stress and suicide. The creators of this game, with firsthand experience of the matter, try to bring to picture the struggles that go on within many youngsters’ lives, and to create empathy and understanding for the matter. Stiles embodies many dark and sad secrets within our young, trying to push on against an unnatural world which breaks them down at every point. By bringing attention to the rot that festers within the layers of society, we want to increase awareness for the hopeless situation of depression and loss, and how devastating the consequences of it can be for the individual.Teenagers are one of the core segments of any society. People who carry upon their shoulders the future of our world. They see clear, feel clear, learn clear. But they can nonetheless be extremely fragile and vulnerable. Our sight is fixed on those among teenagers who are outside the attention span of those around them. Those who scream for help with their silence. Our character represents but one of these teenagers.Only by looking at the world through their eyes you can understand what they go through.